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Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association.


Our Vision & Mission

The mission of the Association is to advance psychology as a means of promoting human well-being. We support the field of psychology, in all its branches, by promoting high standards of professional education, ethics and conduct for our community members. The Association achieves its mission through sponsorship of professional meetings and trainings, scientific reports and newsletters, and facilitating social and networking opportunities for its Members.



As one of Southwest PA's oldest and largest organizations for behavioral health professionals, GPPA offers a wide variety of networking and educational opportunities designed to help you grow your professional career.

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Joining our organization is easy and convenient. We offer four levels of membership.  Find out which one is right for you.

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Join GPPA member Tim Murphy, PhD for a special early viewing of the film Hacksaw Ridge. The intention of this viewing is to begin a community dialogue on topics for veterans and how society deals with those who take a stand on an issue, as well as the subjects of courage, conflict and patriotism.

Priority tickets will be given to those who treat clients with PTSD, trauma, and veterans.  Also at the showing will be students, veterans, teachers and faith leaders. 

There are additional readings and resources at www.Hacksawridgeresources.com

Tickets are free, but registration is required.